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A leader in the retail sector for over 80 years, Sparks is redefining retail management to elevate shopper experiences. From shop-in-shops, point-of-purchase displays and prototypes, to flagship stores and freestanding structures, we design and produce innovative retail solutions that deliver real value and impact. Our core services: retail management, design, digital, engineering, domestic production, import production, installation, and logistics + warehousing enable us to deliver a quality custom product, on time, at a competitive price.

The Sparks retail experience design team is comprised of a diverse group of eclectic thinkers, creators, and storytellers from varied backgrounds—industrial design, graphic design, fine arts, experiential design, technology, and digital design. Every Sparks retail solution involves a balance of strategy and thoughtful creative that this team delivers.

Retail digital experiences are a way for consumers to gain access to brands—and for brands to tell a complex story that extends well beyond the physical confines of your "store." When Sparks designs digital experiences for retail, the shopper is transported into a dynamic, compelling, engaging world—a 3D snapshot of who they can become with your brand by their side. An athlete, fashionista or explorer? Sparks makes that happen.

Sparks retail engineering teams bring your design vision to life. We work with designers to fine-tune the production aspects of their designs. Together, we pinpoint and troubleshoot possible issues or identify cost savings. Value engineering is an integral part of our retail services—the front line of fabrication quality control. Whether it’s the latest trends in construction, new substrates, fastener technology, or maximizing material yield, our engineering team stays current on best practices that assure the best retail solutions possible.

Sparks domestic retail production offers unique advantages; 700,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing, quick turnaround prototyping, capabilities in metal, wood, glass, acrylic, laminates, solid surface, lacquer, powder coating, painting, staining, LED, light box solutions, full-service graphic production, AND a one year manufacturing warranty.

Sparks import retail production offers several distinct advantages: 6.3M sq. ft. of international manufacturing; Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) status; onsite Sparks project and quality managers; zero language barriers; expert logistics and freight management; expedited shipments to East and West coast US ports; 500+ container shipments per year; AND a one year manufacturing warranty.

Manufacturing is the core of Sparks retail. Together, we determine the best approach to meet your program goals. Our retail production flexibility results in the most efficient and cost-effective production for your fixture program.