Driving the Future of Retail

From full stores, refreshes, rollouts, shop-in-shops, and point-of-purchase to destination stores, experiential retail and prototypes, Sparks custom retail drives your program forward.

A leader in the sector for over 80 years, Sparks is redefining retail and elevating shopper experiences. We design and produce innovative solutions that deliver real value and impact. Our core services: retail management, design, digital, engineering, domestic production, import production, installation, and logistics + warehousing enable us to deliver a quality custom product, on time, at a competitive price.

Sparks custom retail develops designs for today’s competitive store environments. Our design team is comprised of a diverse group of eclectic thinkers, creators, and storytellers from varied backgrounds. Every Sparks Retail solution involves a balance of strategy and thoughtful creative.

Value engineering is our fixture fabrication front line. Whether it’s the latest trends in construction, new substrates, fastener technology, or maximizing material yield, our value engineering practices assure the most streamlined fixture fabrication solutions. This combined with 700,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and comprehensive substrate capabilities means real value no matter what level of innovation your retail program requires.

Sparks custom retail mixes pixels and bricks to drive more engagement. We transform stores into environments that seamlessly blend the digital and the physical—LED screens, large-scale media installations, tablets and touchscreens. “Experiential retail” puts consumers in the driver’s seat. From smart mirrors to self-checkout, new retail technologies create opportunities for customers to interact with brands and products in more impactful ways.

From management to installation, our experienced Sparks Retail team manages all the moving parts and provides turnkey client service.